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9 February 2022



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Reef Rumble is a "Jellyfish fighting" 2D party game: It's a game where you take control of a customizable jellyfish to face other players in ultra-dynamic, physics-based combats in a colorful underwater world. The games in Reef Rumble take place in closed arenas where one or more sea urchins appear. These sea urchins can be used in combat, but also to score points. The goal in Reef Rumble is to win the most points through various actions: scoring goals with the sea urchins, being the last survivor of a round or of course eliminating another player. To eliminate another player, you must hit the sensitive area of his jellyfish, located at the back of it, with a sea urchin, a wall or with a direct attack. It is therefore necessary to protect your weak point while targeting other players' one. The combat system and its various possibilities makes it hard to master for experienced players, but its simplicity makes it really easy to learn and have fun for new players. The game features two main modes, Deathmatch, based on eliminating other players, and the UrchinBall, based on scoring goals with the urchins against the opposing team. Each of these modes has 5 different parameter proposals for as many ways to play. The goals can grow with each elimination, there the urchins appear by dozens. And for the most creative players, these settings are directly customizable, so you can create your own custom game mode. Finally, players will be able to unlock cosmetics for their jellyfish to create the most crazy or funny heads possible. For the moment Reef Rumble is playable only up to 4 players in local (although you can play online thanks to the Steam Remote Play), but the goal after the release will be to increase this limit to 8 players and offer an integrated online mode, which still requires a bit of work given the constraints imposed by the game (a lot of very fast actions based on physics) and the small size of our team. The game will be released on February 9, 2022 on Steam and later on other platforms. It will also normally be available on the Steam Deck upon release.


The game Reef Rumble was designed from a prototype created for a game jam in 2020. At that time, the idea was to defeat his opponent by sending a ball into his weak spot, located at the back of his character. The idea evolved by giving other dimensions to the combat system, especially with the walls also becoming dangerous, improving the mobility of players or the possibility to directly kill your opponent. The design of jellyfish for the characters and sea urchins for the ball then came naturally (the jellyfish looks like a cushion with an open side, the pikes of the sea urchin immediately show its dangerousness), which led to the creation of the rest of the visual universe of the game. From this starting point, the Rhapsodie team decided to turn this prototype into a real game. The project started in March 2021, with the idea to make of Reef Rumble a cute and colorful party game but with an explosive combat system with different tactical possibilities. Today Reef Rumble is due to be released on Steam on February 9, 2022 and it should be improved following several content updates to add game modes, settings or new customization elements.


  • Multiplayer arena combats for 2 to 4 players.
  • Explosive, tactical and physics based combats.
  • A really easy to play game for new players, but hard to master for experienced ones.
  • Cute customizable little jellyfishes.
  • Several gamemodes and loads of gameplay settings possible.


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Gameplay Trailer YouTube


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About Rhapsodie

Rhapsodie is a team created for the development of Reef Rumble in early 2021. While its members know each other for some years, it’s their first collaboration working together on a game title: Maxime Martens for the programming and online part and Paul Leduc for the Design and Art part.

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Reef Rumble Credits

Paul Leduc
Game Design, Art

Maxime Martens

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